Develop Locally: Download and Install

To download the Moovweb SDK, visit the Moovweb Control Center Downloads page. An account is required, but user registration only takes seconds and is completely free.

As of the time of this writing, you should download the “Latest Preview” version in order to take advantage of all of the latest Node 6 features and functionality.

Download Page


Installation instructions will be provided for your OS on the download page. We fully support Mac, Windows, and Linux environments right out of the box.

Note: Windows requires a separate set of instructions and prerequisites for running Node.js and npm. You can view them here.


If you already happen to have the Moovweb SDK installed, you may like to check whether or not it matches with the current version. You can do so by running the command moov version in your Terminal.

We periodically release new versions of the SDK packed with new features. View the Changelogs for details about the latest release.

We try to make the process of upgrading as seamless as possible. On each of the Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms, the installers will remove any older versions automatically.