This guide shows you how to share your project with other collaborators using teams.

Private Space

When you first log into the Moovweb XDN console, you'll see your private space:

private space

When you run xdn deploy your site will be created here. Sites in your private space can only be seen by you. To collaborate with other developers, create a team.

Creating a Team

To create a team, use the menu button located to the right of your name in the upper left of your window:

create a team

The name you choose also determines the default URL from which your site will accessible. To configure custom domains, see Environments.

create dialog

Adding Team Members

To add team members, click the "Team Members" tab:

team members


The Moovweb XDN provides two roles:


Users in the "Admin" role have full control over all team and site settings


Users in the "Member" can see all of the team's sites and settings, and deploy updates to existing sites via xdn deploy but cannot change site or team settings.

When creating an environment, you can specify whether all members or only admins should be able to deploy to that environment limit environment