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Develop Locally: moov start

The start command is your entry point into local development with the Developer Dashboard, where you can generate projects, manage your workspace, run local servers, switch layers, and debug locally running Moovweb projects.

If you’re having trouble running the Developer Dashboard, please see our FAQs, search Stack Overflow, or visit our Support Portal.

Run the Developer Dashboard

To run the Developer Dashboard in its normal form, run the following command:

sudo moov start

(For Windows users, you do not need sudo, but you will have to run the command line tool as an administrator for the same reason.)

The command moov start can be given an argument for the directory where you work with and manage all your local Moovweb projects. Otherwise, it’ll remember the previously ran workspace and choose that. If this is the first time running the Dashboard, a default workspace is chosen and it’s directory is created.

The command will also launch the Developer Dashboard in your preferred web browser, pointed to a local port on your machine where you can interact with, run, stop, and otherwise manage your projects locally during development.

Developer Dashboard Options

The Developer Dashboard can be run with a variety of options. To get a complete list, run the following in the command line:

moov help start

An example is -asset-host=//, which changes the asset host used for serving your local assets (the url used when calling the fns.asset() function).

moov start -asset-host=""

Running on a Different Port

By default, the Developer Dashboard runs on port 4002. If you prefer to run it on a different port, you can use the -port=#### option to specify a different port.

moov start -port=8080

We have more information about how to use the the Developer Dashboard elsewhere in our online documentation.