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Moovweb | changelogs/2018-01-30
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SDK v6.3.XX - January 17, 2017

  • Moovweb SDK v6.3.XX
    • Updated to work with Mac OS High Sierra.
    • SDK “moov” command
      • Added “-user-email string” and “-user-password string” command line options to “moov deploy” making integration with CI/CD systems easier.
      • Added “-ssl-cert” and “-ssl-key” command line options to “moov sever” command enabling developers to specify their own certificates when developing locally.
    • Enhancements for MoovJS projects
      • Added support for “moov_debug=true” as a query parameter or cookie. When true, additional logging and debugging information is returned with each request.
      • Updated the new project generator to use the latest npm packages from Moovweb.
      • Added support for ‘crypto’ module.
      • Added global variable ‘moovManifest’ which contains all of the current mode and routing information for the project.
      • Increased transformation timeout from 15 seconds to 60 seconds
      • Switch project template to fetch Moovweb npm modules from instead of
  • moov_rewriter 3.0.9
    • Updated the cookie rewrite to include the space after the ; in the cookie attributes.
    • Updated to ignore any prefixed dots on the cookie domain attribute when substituting cookie domain names (per the Set-Cookie RFC.)
  • moov_stdlib 2.6.30
    • New function
      • fns.getModeInfoFromModeName() returns the mode information for the specified by parsing the moovManifest variable.
      • headers.removeCookie() Removes all Cookie headers matching the given . Returns the list of removed Cookie headers.
      • headers.removeSetCookie() Removes all Set-Cookie headers matching the given . Returns the list of removed Set-Cookie headers.
      • headers.headerKeys() returns an array contain the names of all of the headers in the request.
    • Updated headers.removeHeader() and headers.removeAllHeaders() to return the list of removed headers.