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Moovweb | changelogs/2016-08-17-6-3-10
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SDK v6.3.10 - August 17, 2016

  • Moovweb SDK v6.3.10
    • ./scripts/moov_main.js is now autogenerated if it does not exist when starting a MoovJS project.
    • Fixed an issue with Moovweb 6.3.x Windows installers which prevented the moov keyword from working in a shell.
    • Fixed an issue which occasionally caused projects to shut off while making concurrent requests to a local Moovweb Server.
  • moov_builder 2.4.6
    • Fixed an issue where the Taskrunner would attempt to bundle assets multiple times concurrently, resulting in segfaults during local development.
    • Fixed an issue where deploy tasks would fail to rebuild moov_main.js before deployment.
    • Fixed an issue where syncing asset folders generated an empty ./assets/assets folder.