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Moovweb | changelogs/2016-06-30
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June 30, 2016

  • Moovweb Generator
    • The Generator has been streamlined and the default JavaScript and Tritium templates have been updated! Advanced Customizations have been updated to contain simpler boilerplate code and a straightforward set of optional packages recommended by Moovweb. The new JavaScript template has had its dependencies updated for use with v6.3.1 of the SDK.
  • moov_builder 2.4.0
    • A new version of moov_builder has been released!
      • HTML files in the project/scripts directory are now accessible in the cloud. This enables using require("/path/to/file.html") to read data from .html files inside the scripts directory for use in a MoovJS project.
      • Requires MoovwebSDK v6.3+
  • Moovweb Control Center
    • The SSL Certificate flow has received a visual overhaul. Contents of certificates and intermediate certificates are now decoded during the flow.
    • Fixed an issue where visual elements displaying DNS and SSL status of various hosts would fail to update.