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Moovweb | changelogs/2016-05-31-6-2-253
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SDK v6.2.253 - May 31, 2016

  • Moovweb Generator
    • Updated template to use latest Uranium and moov_builder
    • Updated CSS to reflect latest Uranium
  • Moovweb SDK
    • Updated for NodeJS v6 compliance
    • Fixed URL encoding bug on image paths
    • Use the host as the cookie domain, not the source host
    • Support for JSHint added
    • Fixed empty hosts file Windows bug
    • Fixed project timeout on start bug
  • Moovweb Cloud
    • new Moovweb HTTP status code 538 - Request Loop Error: Exceeding the limit would result in a request loop error, indicating that the request’s upstream origin site is itself.
    • new Moovweb HTTP status code 539 - Worker Transform Timeout: The JavaScript engine did not respond, usually due to a fatal exception in the user’s code.
  • Moovweb Control Center -
    • A new Overview page has been added which displays projects the user is Watching or has deployed code to across all accounts. Users will no longer be redirected to their last-used account, and will instead be redirected to the overview page (
    • Developer projects that have been dormant since 2015 have been disabled. To re-enable any disabled project, simply log into the Control Center, and turn the project back via the Project Settings page for that project.
    • Project lists have been paginated to show fewer results per page.
    • Modes are now renamable via the Mode Settings page. Renaming a mode is costmetic. Renaming will not affect the traffic served by that mode or the experience of users who have browser cookies associated with that mode. Renaming a mode does not require a rebuild.
    • The following flows have received stylistic improvements for a cleaner, mobile-friendly experience:
      • Creating a New Mode
      • Editing Mode Settings
      • Edit Project Settings
      • Duplicating a Project
      • Transfering a Project
    • Log messages in the Account History page are more explicit about specific settings that have been changed within an account.
    • Deprecation Warning: Modes using capital letters will be forcibly downcased in an upcoming release. Traffic served by Modes with capital letters in their name will serve the Mode content as usual. In the future, modes will no longer be able to use capital letters.
    • Fixed a bug where emails were not sent after trying to login to an expired account. Users with expired accounts should now properly receive an email to reactivate their account and log them in.
    • Fixed a bug where the expired password form could be bypassed without updating the existing password.
    • Fixed an issue which could cause Preview endpoints to be labeled as Inactive
    • Added a loading indicator when making requests throughout the Control Center
    • Improved render times for account pages with many projects