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Moovweb | changelogs/2016-04-11
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April 11, 2016

  • Moovweb Generator
    • The default js project template has been updated.
      • The package.json dependencies have been hardcoded for easier cross-team collaboration
      • The package.json has been updated to use the latest moov_builder node module
      • Project code will now run in the Node 4.4 runtime by default in the Moovweb Cloud to take advantage of ES2015 syntax. To use Node 4.4 runtime on an existing project, modify the moovweb_project_format_version key in your moov_config.json file to “2.0.0”
      • Default tasks in the ./tasks folder have been updated to use safeStart() and safeDeploy methods. More info below.
  • Moovweb SDK
    • moov_builder@2.0.0 has been released.
      • safeStart() and safeDeploy() methods have been exposed. These methods will check local node module installations and alert the user if their modules are out of date. In addition, the methods will perform status checks on the project codebase before continueing.
  • Moovweb Control Center -
    • Transfer
      • Projects can now easily be transferred from one account to another. The transfer feature is located in the project settings page under the project admin tab.
      • Projects can now be renamed using the Transfer feature, even when transferred within the same account.
      • These changes will not affect production.
    • Account History permissions have been modified
      • All Members of an account are able to view log history for that account.
    • Name limit increased
      • Projects, Accounts, and Endpoints can now have up to 50 characters (up from 23).
    • Domains that have been removed from a project should now properly reregister when they are pushed live.
    • Various visual improvements.