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Moovweb | changelogs/2016-01-27
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January 27, 2016

  • Moovweb Control Center -
    • New Features
      • When renewing a SAN cert, each child domain input will be checked off automatically for convenience when generating a new CSR.
      • When generating a CSR, you can now cover any unlisted domains without adding those domains to the project itself. A text field has been added to the CSR generation page, which accepts a comma-separated list of domains to include when a SAN certificate is being generated. Child domains are validated, and wildcard domains are rejected.
    • Fixes and Improvements
      • SAN cert UI elements should now properly wrap around the summary modal, as a cosmetic improvement.
      • Improved caching mechanism to render pages faster without showing stale data.
      • Fixed an issue where links in the SSL flow could be generated incorrectly, resulting in unnecessary redirects.
      • The Projects for Account page now more accurately reflects domains transformed per project. Instead of seeing just a list of starting domains used to create each project, you can now see whether projects are live.
      • Projects with properly configured DNS entries will no longer display a “live” indicator if they have been disabled via the Settings page.
      • Fixed a bug where adding a domain to a Single Domain Project automatically appended a randomized host variable.
      • Adding Domains via Console has been temporarily disabled, pending upgrades to the Moovweb Cloud. Domains can still be added to a project via editing config.json and deploying, as usual.