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Moovweb | changelogs/2015-11-02-6-2-110
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SDK v6.2.110 - November 2nd, 2015

  • Moovweb Control Center -
    • show most recent 100 exceptions from server side JavaScript code with stack trace. Go to the Console, Project -> Debug Logs to view
    • remind users to check their spam folder when resetting passwords
    • added UI to remove host mappings from projects. Go to the Console, Project -> Settings -> Domain to remove a mapping. Use moov deploy to add a host mapping
  • Moovweb SDK
    • moov deploy no longer removes host mappings from your project. Users must use the Moovweb Control Center to delete host mappings. moov deploy still allows users to add host mappings to their projects
      • JavaScript debugger warns if your web browser is not supported by node-inspector
      • fixed bug where debug messages where displaying as JavaScript errors in the dashboard