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Moovweb | changelogs/2014-12-10-5-4
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SDK v5.4 - December 10, 2014

Moovweb Cloud

  • Account/Organization managers have the ability to delete Modes.
  • Image optimization service: Image optimizations added to sprites.
  • Image optimization service: Lossless compression for WebP images.
  • Routing: added support for Gecko devices.
  • Routing: added Sony Xperia t2 ultra and Motorola Moto E to the supported list of devices.
  • Client redirection: Improved performance.
  • Client redirection: Enhancements to existing implementation.

Control Center

  • Redesigned user account invitation emails.
  • New notifications for user account invitations.


  • Improved HTML parsing performance.
  • Upgraded Tritum Tester engine and mixers.

Replay Mode

  • Ability to easily save origin-server responses in the Moovweb SDK Dashboard.
  • New Moovweb SDK Project Replay Dashboard to manage project Replays.
  • Ability to load and run saved project Replays from the Moovweb SDK Project Replay Dashboard.

Single Domain Development

  • Improved Local SDK single domain project generation template on the SDK Dashboard.
  • Enhanced defaults and settings for SDK single domain projects.