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SDK v4.2 - November 21, 2012


Moovweb Toolkit:

  • Chrome extension
  • debugger (breakpoints + snapshots)
  • logger + filters

Control Center:

Auto-onboarding (SSL / DNS / provisioning)
When you go to production, CNAMEs are automatically generated
GitHub-like URLs
to make finding your project easier, projects can be found at “
Live build updates
you no longer need to refresh your page to get updates on how your build is going!



Windows 8 Support

The Moovweb SDK now works on Windows 8!

Basic Auth Support

You can now add basic authentication to your Moovweb projects!

Specify user/password in the config.json file as follows:

"credentials": {
  "user": "username",
  "password": "LetMeIn"

Once these changes are live you’ll see a popup appear upon entering your site:

Basic Auth

Simply enter your specified username and password and you’ll be allowed in!

Tritium Function Overriding

Native functions can now be overridden just as you would define custom functions.

The process is simple: if you define a custom function that has the same name as an existing function, the existing function will be overridden to perform the newly defined custom function Tritium.

Moovweb Toolkit

The Moovweb Toolkit is a Google Chrome browser extension that will accelerate your productivity as a front-end developer!

Download Moovweb Toolkit

Control Center

GitHub-Like URLs

Your project URLs are now formatted:

So they are easy to remember and consistent throughout your work!

Live Build Updates