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Here you will find a list of Moovweb terms you may encounter when using the Moovweb technology and exploring the documentation.

Control Center
Found at, the Control Center allows you to manage the live and preview modes of a project. A Control Center project represents a source site that is transformed through the Moovweb servers.
Developer Dashboard
A web GUI that runs locally, and allows you to generate and manage local projects. A Developer Dashboard project consists of the local files that direct transformations using a mixture of JavaScript and Sass for a particular source site.
Project Generator
The aspect of the Developer Dashboard where you can define and download a set of project files for transforming a source web site. This can be found as a modal popup from the Developer Dashboard, or accessed through the online application at
Host Variable
This is the Moovweb-controlled variable that is often used to vary the subdomain of a deployed site. We express this in projects with the “$” special character in the host maps of the moov_config.json configuration file. At runtime the “$” gets replaced with the host variable defined in the Control Center.
A code organization feature that allows you to create different experiences within a single project. A common use might be to create desktop and mobile layers to enhance a common site with custom experiences.
Each mode presents a unique experience for a site. Every Control Center project has at least one live mode and may have many preview modes. In future versions, a single Control Center project may have more than one live mode, and deployment management features will allow you to define which live mode a particular visitor will experience.
Source Site
An unmodified website which will be transformed live to support new experiences through the Moovweb platform.
A production transformation engine in the Moovweb cloud that powers transformations for a single source site. Each source site to be transformed must have a t.engine.